Nonprofit Buddy

Our newbies participating in Nonprofit Newbies Academy have the opportunity to get paired up with an accountability buddy to help them on their journey.

This program is completely voluntary and has no time limits on how long you can remain buddies. Our hope is that you meet and connect with a nonprofit buddy for life. Those wanting to participate please complete the attached from and we will match you with a buddy in your city or as close to it as possible.

Nonprofit Nerds Society

National Nonprofit Minority Association is the leading resource for minority professionals in the nonprofit sector. We are dedicated to helping nonprofit leaders increase their knowledge and grow the capacity of their organizations by connecting them with people, resources, and ideas that unite them together to become stronger in their communities and for their causes.

We provide help to close the gaps in knowledge and equip them with management skills and confidence to become change makers within the field.

Brainiac University

Is online platform of webinars developed for 501(c)(3) organizations already established to receive trainings and resources that will further advance their missions and help grow their organizations to their next level.

Nonprofit Newbies Bootcamp

Is an online course available to anyone that is wanting to learn the basics and fundamentals of nonprofit start up and government /federal rules and regulations. This platform is available across the world and users can take classes from the comforts of their home.

Nonprofit Think Tanks

This is a monthly meet up hosted by one of the NNMA City Chapters that allows individuals to connect in person and network with other individuals in the nonprofit sector. There is a Nonprofit expert that facilitates the meeting and all participates are educated on a topic directly related to the nonprofit field. Light refreshments are served. Please check the members map to locate all cities participating and reach out to the city leader there.

Nonprofit Annual Leadership Summit

To be held once a year in a different city each year. This will provide an opportunity for nonprofits and business owner who provide services to them to connect, network, and receive tips, tools, and resources to help aid in their nonprofit’s work in their communities.

National Nonprofit Minority Foundation annual Fundraiser Gala

To be held once a year. This is our biggest fundraiser and grant award ceremony. We will also honor those nonprofits of excellence throughout the year that earned the NNMA badge of excellence

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